Jan 26, 2009


Tahniah FT..u are the future artist in M'sia..he deserves the title of ajl 23..but it's ok,myb juz not his luck,although he has performed the best (got loud voice frm the audience)..thats already satisfied all of his fans..btwn prove to them next time n back with your greatst hitz!All the best Faizal Tahir! actually, Rockensteiners is the official fan club of faizal tahir and i am one of them..hehe. i dont care if they said "menyampah" tu FT, as long as he can compose songs with high quality..mcm belajar QC laks..hehe

While listening to his song Sampai Syurga, i try to google his the info from Wikipedia..hehe

On 13 January 2008, Faizal courted controversy by removing his shirts to his bare chest and also his belt "live" on television during 8TV's fourth anniversay concert. Thus, 8TV's top management took stern action by giving him strict warnings and requiring him to be involved in charity work for six months. Besides this, two days after the incident, 8TV held a press conference for him to apologize to all who were offended by his stunt.As a result, on 19 January, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) stated that it would ban him from appearing on television for three months, and also bar 8TV from airing live or tape-delayed entertainment programmes throughout the same period, effective 15 January.The ban ruined his chance to perform two songs (Mahakarya Cinta and Kasih Tercipta) in Anugerah Juara Lagu organized by TV3.Days after the end of the ban, Faizal's woes did not end there when the Mufti of Perlis, Dato' Dr. Asri Zainul Abidin, issued a grievance to TV3 against having him for the Konsert Jom Heboh which was later held in the first weekend of May.

p/s: i guess he will come back to Perlis as Dr. Asri (former Mufti) will not ban him anymore..hehe



Haha! Ko msti frust nonggeng bila dia x menang kan? Well, Meet Uncle Hussein rocks harder than him!

Hidup Meet Uncle Hussain!


Aku pun fan Faizal Tahir gak. Suara die mmg rock!! Haha..

farihan azizan

haha..aku geng ngn amir..2 lwn 1..haha..karang FT dikata bolot lak..kang terover reaction lak dia..hehe..