Jan 4, 2009

holigans! (hantu2 menyerang)

my 1st entry...
but this thing is not too ilmiah for u..hehe.

too many holidays within this 2 weeks..after i woke up,(usually @ 12pm~bgun solat subuh tido balik..hehe), i joined the battle of wars to defeat the holigans (hantu2 yg jahat)..they have attacted the school (including uia) i must save the people (ayat heroic)..using my archery..the only skill that i have..hehe..

the things that i mentioned just now is about online game..i joined MyRosso since june last year..someone from Petronas (my internship company) has recommended the
ganas game to me. then after he demonstrated, i became addicted.haha..jaga2! once u addicted,everything will be delayed .keje,makan,tido,(solat tak tangguh ye)..dari pagi smp mlm main online game..masyaAllah..luckily, it was my last week there and the plant was shut down...nothing to most of us layan online game..
skg dh kalau sambung main ni..fyp pon bley tertangguh..n cara yg x bijak utk kurus (lupa mkn)..hehe

moral of the story: dont play game too much (dota etc.)'s ok if u play, as long as it will not harm u..actually, i already left MyRosso after i left petronas,but
semangat tetiba dtg time cuti baru2 ni..haha..but dont worry, i'm just do it when i dont have anything to do~bila busan yg tahap melampau menguasai diri ini..

~the name of the character is peyhan...already level 14..haha...kill holigans kill!



Kena bayar ker online game tuh? Giler smgt ko main game.


hey you! u have a blog now! congratulations! hehe. i dont really play games. game bola jek.. if u play PES or fifa, and rs terre, tell me k? hehe

farihan azizan

FOC je kalu nk upgrade weapon yg power2 nyer.ko kena la beli top up..mahal gak top up ada je org2 yg men game ni (otai2) murah ati ah bg weapon tu free je kt ko..hahaha

farihan azizan

wow aiman!jom2..i terasa terer la..hehe


ui kak ann.. main lg ker game ni??? haha